Kitchen Cleaning Tips
For more effective dishwashing, add a few tablespoons of vinegar
along with the dishwashing detergent when washing dishes. The vinegar cuts the grease and leaves dishes sparkling....Kitchen Tips

Buildup on shower doors: Wipe with lemon oil. Removes buildup and keeps doors protected longer from future buildup.



Miscellaneous Cleaning Tips

Use crumpled up black and white newspaper dipped in vinegar to
wash windows. Dip paper in vinegar and wipe the glass until almost
dry, then shine with dry newspaper or cloth.

Children's stickers can be removed from wood by applying white
vinegar to the sticker, letting it soak and then scraping off.

Clean those dirty, dusty, mini-blinds in your house in a snap! Fill the
bathtub with warm, soapy water and let the blinds soak. If they are
white blinds add a little bleach to get rid of any stains.

Remove spilled nail polish from wood furniture: Don't wipe it up! The
solvents in nail polish soften most finishes, and wiping may take off the
finish. Instead, let the polish dry completely; then gently scrape it off
with a credit card. Wax the surface, using superfine steel wool.

Use cooking or salad oil for lubricating non-essential mechanical things
like hinges, tools etc. A light coat of oil will keep tools from rusting and
you don't need to buy expensive and toxic chemicals like WD-40 etc.

To get hard water deposits off of your fixtures try some diluted muriatic
acid (available at pool stores or hardware stores), but don't store it
near chlorine- they can combine and become explosive!

Consider investing in a small rug cleaner to use for quick cleanups of
pet stains and kid spills.

If you have a busy schedule (and who doesn't?), and hate to clean,
(and who doesn't?), make a schedule of what needs cleaning when
and who will do it. If you have too much to do, consider hiring someone
to come in once a month and do the house cleaning chores you can't get to.

Run your sponges through your dishwasher every few days, and
dispose of them every few weeks. They breed bacteria because they
do not get the opportunity to dry out in between uses.

If you live in a two story house, keep a second vacuum cleaner
upstairs; who likes to lug those things up and down stairs? Having 2
makes it easier to whip off some vacuuming when the mood strikes.

Wash your child's toys after an illness to prevent re-infection or infection
of another child.

When washing windows,
wipe the windows with newspaper, it won't
leave streaks.

Don't buy special cleaners to get out baby formula stains, use a little
isopropyl alcohol on the stain, then a regular stain remover. Works like
a charm.

Cleaning ceramic tile: Regular rubbing alcohol works wonders for a
ceramic floor. Just pour straight on and rub around with mop until it
dries. Make sure children are not in the area during this process and
have good ventilation in room.

Removing Crayon from walls: use damp sponge and Colgate
toothpaste. Rub carefully.

Removing scuff marks, pen, and pencil from walls: use a dry cloth and
rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning your carpet: Preparing for carpet cleaning? First sweep your
carpet with a broom, this loosens up all the ground in dirt. Then
vacuum. After that you might notice a big difference in the way your
carpet looks. For wiping out stains, you can use a solution of 2 parts
water one part ammonia in a spray bottle. Spray stain and wipe. For a
dry cleaner use a mixture of 2 cups cornmeal and 1 cup borax.
Sprinkle on carpet and let sit for one hour then vacuum. To remove pet
odors, sprinkle carpet with baking soda and let sit for one hour, then

Make your own furniture polish: Yucky but works, take a slab of spam
and rub it on your wood - wipe with pantyhose. Or, make a concoction
of: 1 tsp olive oil, juice of a lemon, 1 tsp whisky or brandy, 1 tsp water.
Mix together and rub on furniture with cloth, buff for a deep shine.

Cleaning a Keyboard: On a weekly basis, carefully vacuum the keys
with the round brush attachment of your vacuum. Never spray
keyboard directly, spray the a cleaning cloth with all-purpose cleaning
solution and wipe it with it.

Home oil spills: Paint thinner is best for this type of spill. Pour on spill
and it will dissolve oil.

Garbage Disposal: If you've got a lemon that's a little past its prime, cut it in
quarters and run it through your sink disposal to freshen your drain.

Use an alcohol (isopropyl)/water solution for cleaning mirrors. 1 part alcohol
to 4 parts water. Cleans with no streaks. Coffee filters make great glass
cleaning cloths.

Dirty neck rings around shirt or blouse collars can be removed by putting
shampoo on them. Rub the shampoo in like you were washing your hair.
Shampoo is specifically made to remove body oils. A cheap bottle of
shampoo kept by the washing machine is handy for all kinds of stains in
clothing. Don't forget this trick when you are traveling.

For removing ink stains: Ball point pen stains can be removed by using hair
spray - let the hair spray dry and wash the item. Table salt will absorb ink
when it is spilled - pour salt on the wet ink and continue to add salt until
there is no more "wet ink". Then vacuum or wash. Other types of ink can
be removed using rubbing alcohol.


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